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Sustainable Metal Buildings

As the concept of sustainability in construction gains grounds, its no surprise to see contractors and building owners turning to sustainable metal buildings. This way, they can help minimize environmental impact and create a building with a suitable atmosphere both inside and outside. But a metal structure alone isn’t sustainable construction; many elements altogether make a metal building meet the sustainability standards.

If you are planning to construct a metal building or renovate an existing one, here are few things to include make it more sustainable and do justice to your project and the environment.

Insulation considerations for sustainability

Simply put, the more insulation you add to the structure of your metal building, such as the roof, walls, and floor, the more heat the building will retain, and the more efficient it will be throughout the year. But don’t make the mistake of using cheap insulation panels, as it’s not an area to cut corners. You want to use quality insulation material that not only properly insulates the building but also adds strength to the overall building structure. The best course of action to ensure that your building does not lack insulation is getting help from a metal building insulation company in Houston. We have many satisfied customers that have improved the R-value of their sustainable metal buildings with an insulation retrofit.

Skylights for Sustainable Metal Buildings

Skylights in a Sustainable Metal Building

Skylights do two things: they help maximize the amount of natural light in the building and save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills. Still, many metal building owners consider them as crucial a factor for sustainability as insulation or any other. But metal building insulation companies in Houston believe that after insulation, skylight installation is the next big step in sustainable building. When you use natural light instead of artificial lighting, you use less energy, which is one of the pillars of sustainability.

Ventilation is important

Fewer gaps in your metal building’s structure mean less heat loss and better insulation. However, it also leads to an uncomfortable atmosphere inside the building during the summer. To avoid this, you need to maintain a balance between airtightness and proper ventilation. Now ventilation can be mechanical or natural or both, which will depend on your building design. It’s always a good idea to get from a reliable metal building contractor to ensure that your building is well insulated and, at the same time, has proper ventilation.

Renewable Technology in Sustainable Metal Buildings

Renewable technology can be incorporated in sustainable metal buildings. Once the building structure is complete, think of how recent technological developments can make you save more energy and leave less impact on the environment. For example, the installation of solar panels for outdoor lightings or solar-powered water heaters for hot water supply can be an excellent step in the right direction. You can also try to incorporate a rainwater harvesting system to collect rainwater for general use. Renewable

If you are looking for a metal building insulation company in Houston or a contractor to help with your sustainable building project, get in touch with us. Metalguard has a wealth of experience and expertise in building, repairing, and making a metal building sustainable. No matter what your project requirements are, we have you covered.

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Metal Building Insulation Replacement

Insulation is an often overlooked area in metal buildings. Repairing or replacing insulation is a critical part of keeping your building cool.

On this project our team replaced old brittle insulation with an R-value of R9.5. The replacement insulation has an R-value of R31, a 226% increase in cooling efficiency! Metalguard has extensive experience repairing and replacing insulation for metal buildings. See how we can help at

After: New insulation with R-value 31
Before: Metal building with worn out brittle insulation with R-value 9.5

Check out the insulation services our team can offer you for your metal building.

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Metal Building Tilt Wall Repair

Metalguard has extensive experience repairing metal buildings damaged by severe weather events such as hail, tornados, and hurricanes.

For this project, Metalguard was called in to repair a tilt wall supporting a metal building roof for a customer in Houston, TX. Several feet of water fell within a short period of time during a tropical storm, overwhelming the small roof drains and collapsing the metal roof.

Metalguard deployed a custom engineered solution including shoring up the metal roof, bracing exterior metal wall panels, and installing wall channels.

This picture shows where the beam landed on the stack of sheet rock. The white spot on the wall is the hole the beam made.  The groove above is where the beam was bolted before it fell.
The beam slid down about 12 inches and created this hole in the tilt wall.
We built this shoring device to brace the metal roof for repairs.
Custom built shoring device to hold up the metal roof.
Shoring device and wall channels.
We installed exterior wall braces.
The inside concrete wall was bowed out. Our team installed these channels to straighten and strengthen the wall

Check out the metal building repair services our team can offer you.

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Why You Need A Metal Building Contractor? If It’s Up, Then It’s Stuck!

Well, Cardi said it, and we heard it! Metal roofing is probably the most sturdy, durable, and energy-efficient out of all the options available in the market. In addition to this, metals are environmentally friendly with good longevity. However, even the best needs maintenance and upkeep. Metal building owners, especially homeowners, often look past the obvious signs that tell them to call for professional repair. This only adds to their costs by furthering the intensity of the damage. And other times, owners try to take the matter into their own hands by turning it into a DIY project. Improper installation and use of cheap-quality materials only answer the issue temporarily. If you spot any problems with your building, know it’s time to call your professional metal building contractor for resolution. Here’s why:


Professional metal building contractors deal with metalwork daily; hence, they are exceptionally good at handling the issue. Their experience makes them better and faster than any DIY enthusiast. Additionally, they will never compromise their work as it’s a matter of their profession without making you endure your days under an unfinished roof.


Since most of the owners aren’t familiar with what goes into fixing a particular metal roof issue correctly, they often end up making blunders and cause collateral damage. Some common problems that may surface include leaks, water damage, and more. Plus, owners don’t have the expertise to anticipate the consequences of their steps. They do not have the knowledge to forecast what can happen if they go wrong. Seeking professional assistance helps one overcome these caveats while ensuring you don’t have to undergo those repairs for the longest time possible.


In continuation with the previous point, these things require certain skills and specific techniques essential for the successful installation of a metal roof. Besides, what you might be familiar with will not necessarily align with the material. Asphalt is another commonly used material for roofing. What works for fixing asphalt roof issues won’t work for metal roofing. Besides, it’s impossible for an owner to have all the right tools necessary for fixing a problem. Professionals have all the right tools along with the knowledge required to resolve an issue correctly.


A professional ensures the complete safety of installation with proper techniques, thereby allowing you just to sit back and enjoy the process. Fixing a metal roof isn’t as easy as a YouTube tutorial or wikiHow make it sound. It requires experience to deal with sudden accidents, such as in case of a fall. Anything can go wrong while fixing a roof.

In all fairness, these were the top four reasons, along with the advantages that come with hiring an expert. Partnering with a professional metal building contractor brings you benefits, just like a stock investment. If you would like to hire experts for your metal roofing project, feel free to go through our website to learn about our services or connect with us directly.