Metal Guard

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Experienced Plant Contractor

Metalguard has over 25 years of metal building experience and extensive experience operating in demanding plant environments. Some customers include Phillips 66, Celanese, Shell Oil, Dow Chemical, Freeport LNG, S&B Engineers, Zachery, and hundreds of others.

Service Offerings

We provide standard repairs to metal buildings, including roof repairs, wall panels, and insulation. We also utilize licensed Professional Engineers to provide custom-stamped engineered solutions. Metalguard has extensive experience implementing creative solutions to real-world problems.

Project Overview – Column Base Repair

The picture showcases a column base repair at a plant. The customer had 17 damaged sections. Our engineer designed a custom solution to replace the column bases. The Metalguard team designed custom shoring plans and built the shoring supports based on the engineered specifications. As a result, the customer saved over $100,000 compared to replacing the entire columns.

Metal Building Column Repair

Custom Engineered Shoring Support

Commitment to Safety

Metalguard is a member of the Houston Area Safety Council and conducts safety training and daily tailgate talks. We participate in the DISA program. Each plant has unique requirements, and we coordinate with each customer to exceed their safety expectations. Metalguard has extensive insurance and staff that meets current drug testing and background check and delivers HASC safety training consistent with the plant safety manuals. We offer it all while leveraging 25 years of metal building repair experience to help solve problems.

Experience Counts

Metalguard is dedicated to safety. It’s our number one objective on every job. This principle aligns us perfectly to work in demanding chemical plant environments. We have worked without a recordable injury for over the past three years. We have a high-quality safety program that is emphasized at every level by our field staff, foreman, and superintendents. We incorporate all local safety requirements into our program. Metalguard is a metal building repair company with over 25 years of experience. Were very familiar with the shortcuts some contractors take and how to correct them.

Our Recent Customers

Metalguard has extensive working safely in demanding plant environments. Choose Metalguard for your plant services to leverage our expertise, safety focus, and quality workmanship. Some of our current and recent customers include:

Shell Lube Shell OilKurarary
Phillips 66LNG FreeportDow Chemical
S&B Engineers CelaneseZachery Group
SMS EngineersRCI EngineersMKA International

Project Overview – Metal Roof Repair with Internal Gutter and Skylights

For this project, the Metalguard team replaced a 600′ long metal roof. The roof replacement includes the installation of an internal gutter and 124 skylights.

Metal roof replacement including 124 skylights

Metal Building Repair: 600-Long Metal Roof Replacement, Including an Internal Gutter

Project Capability – Metal Framing and Post Installation for a New Metal Roof Extension

Using a Crane To Set a Perimeter Post for a New Metal Roof Extension.

New 4″ x 4″ Post 1/2″ Thick for an Engineered Building in a Windstorm Zone.

Initial Staging for Metal Framing Materials

Plant Work – Metal Framing

The Metalguard team has extensive ironworking experience in a variety of environments. For this project, the team installed steel framing at a plant worksite in Texas.
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