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Metal Roof Repairs and Maintenance

As an experienced metal building contractor, Metalguard can diagnose your metal roof issues and develop the best solution for you. We can replace or repair only what is necessary. Not all metal roofs require a complete replacement. Therefore, sometimes the most effective solution for our clients includes a partial metal roof replacement, and repairs on the rest of the existing metal roof. This extends the life of the metal building and provides the best value for client.

Metal Building Repairs

These photos show a current Metalguard project that involves replacing part of the metal roof. This metal roof was leaking, so to fix the issue, we sealed the lower metal roof and upper metal roof. First, because of a previous coating, we installed a larger amount of new material to cover the old material.  Then, on the rest of the existing metal roof panels our team sealed the fasteners. The photos show the repaired metal roof. The light colored areas are new metal roof panels, and the white dots are sealed fasteners. Replacing where necessary, and repairing the rest of the roof represented the best value for the client.

We recommend fixing broken metal roof panels and performing maintenance as needed to extend the life of your metal building. Fixing the broken sections of the metal roof and performing maintenance on the rest, results in extended life for metal buildings.

This image shows a closer view of the metal roof that was repaired, the white dots on this metal roof are sealed fasteners.

Metal Building Roof Inspection Process

Metal roof repairs include thorough inspections. The Metalguard team got down on their hands and knees to find this leak in the metal roof. One issue we found was a crack on the top of a high metal rib.  The rust around the two slits, indicates the metal roof panel damage occurred some time ago.  The top of the metal high rib is a small area 1” wide, consistent with expectations for a small leak. Our team caulked the crack in the metal roof to restore the metal roof panel integrity.

Metal roof inspection discovered this crack in the metal roof. Our team caulked the crack.

Metal Roof Repairs

Our metal roof inspections revealed one more cracked panel in the same area. This cracked metal panel is at the ridge cap and in the middle you can also see a very small crack.  For a roof this large a small problem like this can be hard to find without the help of our team, or a heavy rain.

Cracked metal roof panel prior to repair.

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Metal Building Tilt Wall Repair

Metalguard has extensive experience repairing metal buildings damaged by severe weather events such as hail, tornados, and hurricanes.

For this project, Metalguard was called in to repair a tilt wall supporting a metal building roof for a customer in Houston, TX. Several feet of water fell within a short period of time during a tropical storm, overwhelming the small roof drains and collapsing the metal roof.

Metalguard deployed a custom engineered solution including shoring up the metal roof, bracing exterior metal wall panels, and installing wall channels.

This picture shows where the beam landed on the stack of sheet rock. The white spot on the wall is the hole the beam made.  The groove above is where the beam was bolted before it fell.
The beam slid down about 12 inches and created this hole in the tilt wall.
We built this shoring device to brace the metal roof for repairs.
Custom built shoring device to hold up the metal roof.
Shoring device and wall channels.
We installed exterior wall braces.
The inside concrete wall was bowed out. Our team installed these channels to straighten and strengthen the wall

Check out the metal building repair services our team can offer you.

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6 Preventative Tips To Prevent Leaking Metal Roof Situation

In the crowd of clay roofing shingles, high-density slate, and synthetic thatched installations among the popular roofing choices, metal roofing has slowly yet claimed its spot across every Texas home. Considering the high functionality, durability, esthetic versatility, speed, and ease of installation, the one-time high installation costs are now being overlooked by homeowners. People can see the long-term benefits of metal roofing. However, preventative maintenance care is a must even for the sturdiest metal roof installation. People often tend to let go of any maintenance measures thinking that it’s “metal” (read: sturdy and invincible). This causes dangerous leaking metal roof situations and premature roof failure across different structures.  

Being in the metal roofing industry for over 20 years, in most cases, the major roof repairs we undergo could have easily been prevented with a little bit of TLC. Here are our top expert-recommended tips for you:


Clean your metal roof regularly to get rid of stains, dirt, leaves, mildew, and other debris. Apart from looking unappealing, it also ruins the paint system of your metal roof.


Your gutter system includes downspouts and drains boxes. The clogging of drains and gutters can lead to water overflow, increasing premature corrosion for every metal roof material.


Elements of nature include tree twigs, branches, leaves, stones, among many other things. If left unattended, their degradation can ruin the material of your roof, leading to metal roof leaking, falls, scratches, denting, among other severe roof issues.


Corrosion is the worst enemy for every metal. It’s like cancer for metal roofs. The most vulnerable spots for corrosion are around chimneys, HVAC vents, air conditioner installation spots, or any other oil condensers above cooking areas. Excessive steam, heat, and chemicals can break down the protective paint layer and lead to corrosion.


Houston is home to more extreme weather conditions than other US states. Therefore, a professional maintenance inspection is a must to overcome the impact of torrid weather conditions. Your location plays a role in deciding the frequency of scheduled maintenance. If your home is lying under the shade of trees, you will need to call for professional inspections at least twice a year (or every six months). Speaking from experience, this is way less expensive than the repair you will probably require if you forego this point.


Damaged roof parts may include loose flashings, fasteners, loose sheets, closures, ridge caps, venting materials, and more. Cracks, penetrations, dents, and seams in your metal roof will fail to prevent water entry, thus leading to a leaking metal roof. Make sure to take assistance from reliable professionals to cover up any holes and cracks with a quality roof sealant.

Aging, severe weather events, among other factors, can decrease the longevity of your metal roof. A regular maintenance schedule with a reliable team of experts preserves your investment while saving your time and efforts for repairs keeping up the appearance of your metal roof. If you would like some professional assistance for metal roof maintenance from our qualified metal roofers, dial (+713)-449-3430 today!