Painting a metal building

Painting a metal building.  We are a contractor with 20 years experience repairing metal buildings.  One area of expertise that separates Metalguard from the typical industrial / commercial painting contractor is our metal building repair skills.

It is common that when we paint a building other improvements are also undertaken.  For example replacing wall panels with dents or holes.  Replacing, or even relocating doors.  Replacing loose or rusted out base angle, replacing damaged trim around overhead doors.  Adding translucent wall panels, emphasizing your companies branding, name or logo.


Painting a metal building, primer coat being applied.


The picture of the metal building above is during the prime coat.  The wall panels installed originally had a  galvanized finish.  There was a lot of peeling.  After pressure washing with zero degree rotating head spray tips we primed the building with a primer designed specifically for galvanized panels.

Below you can see how much paint was peeling off after pressure washing.

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Metal building Painting Contractor.  The exposed galvanized surface must be primed with a special primer.

The grey color in the picture above is the raw galvanized panel. All of the loose paint requires removal.

image-asset (2)

Painting a commercial metal building, after. The gutters, doors, and rake trim were painted a contrasting color.

image-asset (4)



Metal building painting contractor. With this picture you can see the pressure washing in progress. The lack of adhesion is really demonstrated in the picture.

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Great Southwest Equestrian Center

Below, Great Southwest Equestrian Center, a really beautiful place in the middle of Katy, Texas.   As is common with the prep work for many metal buildings, we had to remove much of the old paint down to the bare galvanized metal.  We then primed it with a special primer designed to adhere to a galvanized finish.

image-asset (5)

At completion, below, a really nice looking building! Beautiful Logo. Completed, February 2016.

image-asset (6)
image-asset (7)

New wall skylight wall panels were installed during this paint

image-asset (8)

Above, during the painting of this pre-engineered metal building the frame was also painted.

image-asset (9)

The building owner of the above building decided to use a contrasting wall panel color to replace dented panels during this painting project.  While replacing the wall panel section we also replaced the base angle and the insulation.

We have been repairing and painting metal buildings since 1996.