We travel nationwide for metal building insulation repair and replacement projects. Our team recently completed insulation projects in Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Metal building insulation repair. This is a picture of the ceiling of a service area of an auto dealership. Completed January, 2019

Metal building insulation renovation, repairs and retrofit

This metal building insulation needs to be repaired, repairing it will help keep the building cool!

If you see this happening, it is due to the original metal building facing not being reinforced. When the oil in the facing become dried out it shrinks and rips. Repairing metal building facing and the damaged insulation

Replacing or Repairing damaged pre-engineered metal / steel building insulation, it will also help keep it cool

Two approaches to repairing or replacing damaged pre-engineered metal / steel building insulation, both work

When insulation for a pre-engineered metal / steel building is originally installed it is compressed between the wall or roof panels and the roof purlins or wall girts. To repair it there are two primary methods. One is to remove the panels, remove the old insulation, and replace it with new insulation. When the old panels are removed new larger fasteners are used to put it back together. If the insulation has aged like this, the roof would benefit from new fasteners.

The second method is to retro install insulation from the inside. There are advantages with each solution. When installing retro insulation the R value can be increased to a much greater value. When installing the insulation by removing panels, there is less intrusion into your building. Both methods will help keep the building cooler. There are a few more considerations as well, call us and we will be happy to discuss them with you (713-449-3430).

Below: after the metal building insulation replacement was completed. We installed 4” insulation with a WMP-50 reinforced facing. This was repair was completed from the outside. The insulation was installed between the roof panels and the purlins, new fasteners and new caulk tape was installed.

At completion this is how the ceiling looked. After picture of a metal building insulation repair. Completed January 2019. White faced metal building insulation was installed between the roof purlins and the metal panels on this pre-engineered metal / steel building. This repair will help keep the building cool.

Metal building insulation replacement

Metal building insulation replacement was necessary because the old facing had dried out

Before insulation repair

Insulation replacement from the outside after picture below

Damaged metal building insulation repaired

This shows repairing damaged metal building insulation.

Metal building insulation renovation, repair and retrofit. Old dirty, moldy, metal building insulation, before a renovation retrofit. Replacing insulation can make your building look like new!  It will also smell better!

Damaged metal building insulation repaired

Insulation with a white facing, after renovation.  Bright, clean, new metal building insulation retrofit.  4 inches of insulation were added, with an R value of 13.6.  There are different facing colors to select from, based on your needs.

After, steel posts and wall girts cleaned and painted. Then new metal building insulation was installed, increased R-value, new look.  Clean!  Houston, TX

Interior insulation retrofit

In the two pictures below you will see an interior insulation retrofit. In cases where more that 4″ of insulation is required this can be accomplished from the inside of the building.  In this case the old insulation was cut-out.  Nylon banding was installed to hold the insulation in place and 8″ of new insulation with new white vinyl facing was installed.

Side by side, 1/2 of the metal roof has been replaced including new insulation.

A view of the ceiling, on the left above is the look of new insulation after half of the roof has been replaced including an insulation changeout.

Metal building insulation replacement, view from the roof. New insulation has been installed. Lapel MI, August 2016

This picture is before the insulation was cut out.

View from inside the building, insulation change-out / replacement, side by side. The new insulation is so bright its hard to capture a good picture.

The two photos above are from the same project.  We picked up the roof panels, replaced the insulation, then re-installed the insulation.  New insulation is so bright and reflective it makes taking a photo quite a challenge. Lapeer, MI  August 2016.

This is after the new retrofit insulation was installed on the ceiling, walls next.

Retrofit metal building insulation replacement repair

This building is located at the Port of Houston. We just completed a renovation here. It includes retro insulation, 8” thick – R-29. Floor coated, steel and walls painted, changed out the lighting system.

This was a complete Metal building renovation performed by Metalguard; New floor coating, walls and columns painted, new lighting system, 8” insulation, R-30, retro-installed insulation into the ceiling in this metal building. It is beautiful. Completed January 2019. This is helping to keep the building cool

Metal building insulation renovation replacement; looks great, will cool the building.

To help cool the metal building, insulation can be replaced either by removing the outside roof or wall panels or from the interior.  If, due to the configuration of interior elements, the insulation is difficult to access the exterior approach may be necessary.  We have completed many retro insulation projects.

If insulation is added by peeling back the panels and installing the insulation you will achieve the same look as if had been completed during original construction.

There are many facing options available.  Based on your needs you can select a facing strong enough to withstand a hockey puck or a soccer ball.  Less expensive standard facing is also available.  There are also different color options, but the options are  limited.  The R-value you are able to achieve is based on your needs.

While changing your insulation this is a great time to paint your frame.

Roof and wall insulation were retro installed in the building. Metal building insulation repair and replacement. Previous, current, old, insulation was ripped, torn, and falling down.

Call or email to get a price quote on the cost of materials to install retro- insulation

The installation of this can be tricky. We do travel for this service. We can help control both the cost and at the same time providing a very high quality installation.

Remember, always fill the airspace, touching the metal, to avoid condensation.

How will adding insulation to a metal building affect the internal temperature?

For the past 20 years, we have looked for some independent company to provide us with data on this subject.  A utility, federal or state tests, a building manufacturer or insulation company.  The best we have come up is 10 to 15 degrees.  That is the number our insulation manufacturer provides us with.  Thats based on a 3″ thickness.

It is typically one of the first questions we are asked when someone is interested in renovating a building to add insulation, what will be the affect be?  The problem we have encountered is there doesn’t seem to be any broad or specific independent information.  We have contacted utilities, and metal building manufacturers.  They all say you will see a temperature drop in the summer, and a more comfortable environment in the winter, without any specifics.  What the insulation does is create a radiant heat barrier keeping the hot air out of the building by not allowing the heat to radiate in.  During the heat of the summer the surface of the roof panels can get as hot as 140 degrees.  Leather gloves and thick soles in boots are required to work on roofs during the heat of the summer.  By keeping out the radiant heat, the internal heat from the building has more space to occupy in the roof.

Roof vents and turbines are also helpful.  These devices can provide information about how fast the air in a building can be exhausted.  Their benefit is they are quiet, and free.

The feedback we get varies because of the physical differences of the buildings, also many buildings have A/C installed as part of the renovation process.   The other factors that affect the results are the height of the building, the ground level ventilation, if the walls are insulated.

Based on our experiences, and the feedback from our insulation company, expect a drop in temperature of 10 to 15 degrees during a hot summer day.  I know the workers in a newly insulated building always appreciate the environment after we have completed a insulation renovation.

Another benefit is to minimize the effect of electrolysis that is occurring between the roof panels and the purlins by installing the insulation between them.

Newly Insulated Building by MetalGuard
Added insulation to Metal Building

Before and After Insulation

The R-value increased from R10 to R28. This a retro insulation in a metal building

Retro Insulation Project: Before and After

Retro insulation project.  To repair damaged insulation and add R-value to installed new insulation over the existing insulation.  The new insulation has an R-value of R25.  This is the 4th UPS project in Iowa in the last year.  Completed August 2020.

Completed Retro Insulation Project
Retro insulation project by Metalguard

Another after picture from a retro insulation project

This is after we completed a retro insulation project on metal building.  We added insulation to the walls and ceiling for an auto quality control shop.
Insulation installation to the walls and ceiling of an auto quality control shop
Another retro insulation project, October 2020. Houston TX.  Original R-value R-9.  At completion R-34. Before, old discolored insulation that was falling in places. At completion, Reinforced facing with R-34
Metal Building Insulation project
Metal Building Damaged Insulation Repaired
For the metal building insulation project below, the team traveled to Marietta, GA to install 8″ of R25 insulation in a 35,000 sq/ft beverage bottling facility. Our skilled team worked safely around the building infrastructure with minimal disruption to operations. Our team works in a variety of demanding environments, from wide open spaces on the roof panels of metal buildings to tight spaces at heights.