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Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Install one of the most durable and weather-tight metal roofs in the industry by contacting us about standing seam roofing today. We can even help you save by installing your new, standing seam metal roof over your existing roof.

Internal Gutters

Leak-free internal gutters are the key to managing water flow on long industrial metal roofs. We have a thorough understanding of the way the gutters and the roof interact to create leaks and turn that understanding to our advantage to ensure that we install an internal gutter system that protects your building.

Man Doors

Many companies need to install a door in a concrete or cement wall to make the space more efficient. We can install a door in most walls. We customize the solution to your needs, ensuring the door is the necessary width and height for both your people and your machines.
Metalguard is your one-call solution for your metal building! We offer a wealth of additional services to help you keep your building well maintained and ready to serve your business needs.
Call us for any of the listed projects .


Need your old metal building to look as professional and good as new again? Painting a metal building can give it fresh, new life.

We’re happy to refresh your company’s logo too. We handle paint removal, priming, pressure washing, and the application of the final coat.

Leak Repairs

You don’t have to replace your entire roof or reseal the entire roof every time your metal building springs a leak.

Our metal building leak repair service can help! We routinely repair all the common leak areas, including roof vents, penetrations, eaves, fasteners, internal gutters or valley gutters, skylights, and seams.

Custom Repairs

We have 25 years of experience rehabilitating metal buildings. Every job is different, so we take the time to determine which of our solutions will work for you.

We’ve never met a building that we couldn’t restore in a timely or cost-effective way.

Schedule an Estimate Today

25 years of experience and specialization in metal building technology won’t steer you wrong. We’re dedicated craftsmen with a long history in the Houston area, as well as many repeat customers who help us grow through referrals.
We’d love the chance to earn your long-term business as well, and become your partners in managing your metal building assets. Contact us to schedule an estimate today.

Roof Inspection

Find small leaks on your roof before they become big, expensive problems, or locate the source of an existing large leak. We’ll inspect every inch of your roof to discover the source of your roofing problems.

We’ll give you a full, complete understanding of the solutions we’ll need to make your metal roof repair, and then we’ll provide you with a fair estimate.


Have your skylights been damaged by wind, hail, or heavy, blowing rain? We provide emergency skylight repair to industrial and metal buildings in Houston, TX! Metal roof skylights don’t have to leak.

As a roof skylight in a metal building ages, UV rays dry up the oil in the panels. This causes the skylight to crack, and exposes the fibreglass threads, allowing airborne dirt to collect and restrict the light. We seal metal roof skylights if they can be sealed, replace them when necessary, and add metal roof skylights when desired.

Roof Hatches

A sloppy roof hatch installation can lead to leaks, which is why we take care to use the proper curb, fabricated to match the slope of the roof.

We also take the time to make sure the underside support structure is sufficient and made of the correct materials, capable of adjusting to the way a metal roof expands and contracts as temperatures change.

Safety Program

Some purchasers will pull their business if you have a poor safety record. If your organization requires a safety-compliant contractor who carries the required insurance coverages and liability limits, we’re the organization to call.

We have experience in successfully navigating, completing, and executing required safety procedures, even at chemical plants. We’re happy to go through your industry’s qualification process. Our goal for every job is no recordable injuries and no damage to any property or equipment.


Improve the airflow in your metal building. We install Big Ass Fans™, turbine vents, passive ridge cap vents, roof fans, and wall fans.

We calculate the vent system requirements based on the number of times you would like to change out the internal air each hour.

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