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Importance of Downspout Maintenance

Metal industrial buildings are popular for their durability and low maintenance costs, but one area that requires attention is water drainage. Proper water drainage is crucial to prevent water damage and maintain the integrity of the building’s foundation. One essential component of a good drainage system for industrial buildings is the downspout.

Downspouts are vertical pipes that connect the gutter system to the ground, allowing rainwater to flow off the roof and away from the building’s foundation. They are crucial in preventing water accumulation around the base of the building, which can lead to erosion, water damage, and potentially compromise the structural integrity of the building.

When it comes to selecting the right downspouts for your industrial building, it’s important to consider the size and material of the pipe. For a large industrial building, a 12-inch diameter downspout is typically recommended to handle the increased water runoff. Additionally, the material should be chosen based on the specific needs of the building, with options such as aluminum, galvanized steel, and PVC available.

 Metal Building downspout project
The Metalguard Team installs a 12-inch diameter PVC Pipe
Downspout replacement or horizontal PVC pipe.
Lifts are used to position the replacement PVC Pipe

Another important consideration when it comes to water drainage in industrial buildings is the slope of the roof. The slope should be designed to allow water to flow towards the gutters and downspouts, and away from the building’s foundation. This is especially important in areas with high rainfall or snow accumulation.

Regular maintenance of downspouts is also important to ensure proper water drainage. Downspouts can become clogged with debris such as leaves, dirt, and bird nests, which can impede the flow of water and cause water damage. Regular inspections and cleaning of the downspouts can help prevent these issues and ensure proper water drainage.

In summary, downspouts are an essential component of a good water drainage system for metal industrial buildings. Proper selection, installation, and maintenance of downspouts can prevent water damage, protect the building’s foundation, and extend the lifespan of the building. By paying attention to these important details, you can ensure that your industrial building remains structurally sound and functional for years to come.

Metalguard has over 25 years of experience with every aspect of metal buildings. If you have questions about downspout maintenance and repair, please contact us today for a consultation.

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