Metal Guard


Skylight repairs

We repair skylight panels damaged by hail, wind and heavy blowing rain. We are available for emergency repairs for leaks and storm damage.

All new skylights, leaks stopped! A new lighting system without the increase in the monthly electric bill for this metal building. The old skylights leaked, the new skylights were properly sealed and the skylight leaks were stopped. Butyl caulk tape was installed between the panels and fasteners with neoprene washers were used. There are three types of skylight panels available. We can describe the options and you select which option works best for you.

Metal Roof Skylight

Metal roof skylight don’t have to leak. As a roof skylight in a metal building ages, the UV rays of the sun dries up the oil in the skylight panels. This causes the skylight to crack and exposes the fiberglass threads. The exposed fiberglass threads allows airborne dirt to collect which restricts the light. We have tried to pressure wash, seal and re-coat the old skylights, but skylight clear coat only lasts about a year. It gets broken down by the UV rays of the sun.

Leaking Metal Roof Skylights

We seal metal roof skylights if they can be sealed, replace them when necessary, and add metal roof skylights when desired. Leaking metal roof skylights. As the oil is dried out the fibers of the fiberglass becomes exposed trapping dust and dirt restricting the light. It is hard to get an after picture on a replaced skylight. The brightness of the skylight compared to the surrounding metal/insulation provides too great a contrast.

A new skylight panel in a metal roof, no leaks, more light. This is a nice solution to a leak problem. This metal roof skylight was installed in Houston

New metal roof skylight panel

Wall panel metal building skylights. If you want a lot of light install them on the South side. For light, but less heat, try the North side. These skylights look great, a great way to keep the light bill down during daytime hours. We have been repairing metal buildings since 1996.

For more information on leaking metal roof solutions visit the Metal Roof Waterproofing and Coating or Metal roof leak repair page. The link is in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Metal roof skylights also commonly leak. We can also stop leaking without replacing them. We use a rubberized urethane sealant to stop the leaks.

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