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We specialize in metal building repairs, modifications, and upgrades. With our extensive experience in the industry since 1996, we have built strong relationships with our customers based on our attention to detail and high level of performance.

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Insulation Services Available Nationwide Call 713-449-3430

The Metalguard Approach

We're true craftsmen dedicated to providing outstanding results. We listen to your goals and objectives and design a custom solution for your needs. As Charlie Munger once said, "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." At Metalguard, we believe in evaluating every building to find the best repair solutions. While we have hammers, they aren't our primary tool. Our expert repair tactics include: structural repairs, with or without welding, full wall or roof replacement, and cut and paste repairs. For insulation repairs we offer facing only, facing with insulation, and replacing or adding insulation. We're able to offer repairs from inside or outside the building, including complete or partial renovations. We paint or install new panels to give your building an updated look. There are many more options to consider! Give us a call! By sending us a few pictures, we can usually provide a repair quote based on a discussion and the images you provide.

About us

Metal building repair history, present and the future

In 1996, we got our start on simple metal roof repairs. Since then, we've evolved into a metal building repair and renovation contractor. This means if you have any problem at all with your metal building, you can call us. We'll provide cost-effective and customized solutions to restore your building to like-new condition.

MetalGuard metal roof restoration

Metal Roof Replacement

While metal roofs can last for nearly a century, they still need replacement from time to time. We even add new insulation to increase the R-value of your new roof.

Cut costs with our services and avoid business interruptions, because we install new roofing over your old metal roofing to save both time and money.

image: metal roof replacement in progress

Metal Building Wall & Roof Repairs

Extend the life of your building’s roof and fix leaks with our metal building wall and roof repair service. We can add new roof panels so that your building is sound and ready to work once more.

Metal Building Wall & Roof Repairs

Extend the life of your building’s roof and fix leaks with our metal building wall and roof repair service.

We can add new roof panels so that your building is sound and ready to work once more.

Request an Estimate

We don’t just fix roofing. We provide solutions to a wide variety of metal building problems. If your metal building needs repairs we probably have experience with whatever problem is arising.
We’ll tackle both simple repairs and complex repairs, and will complete your project on time and within your budget.

Metal Wall Panel Replacement

We install them so that we can restore your metal building to like-new condition.

We don’t even have to replace the entire wall. We help you save money with cut-and-paste wall panel repairs that restore your building to like-new condition.

Metal Wall Before
Metal Wall Before
Metal Wall After
Metal Wall After

Roof Coatings

Elastomeric roof coatings protect and seal your metal roof to prevent leaks and to limit weathering.

They’re also useful for keeping your building cool, a necessity in our Houston climate. The urethane sealant for metal roofs that we use helps your roof to last even longer.

Ensuring Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Insurance Coverage and a Priority to Safety

Safety is a fundamental priority for our metal roofing company and serves as a cornerstone of our client relationships, ensuring trust and confidence in our services.

While some competitors may not consistently maintain adequate insurance coverage, Metalguard distinguishes itself by maintaining substantial and comprehensive insurance policies. This level of coverage is a crucial asset for all our clients, ensuring their peace of mind right from the start.

Sample Certificate of Liability Insurance

Insulation Repair and Retrofits

We choose the right solution for your repairs and retrofits. We can completely replace your insulation and can even improve the R-value of your building while doing it. You’ll save energy and keep your building cooler by up to 15 degrees, and you’ll be able to get rid of old, dirty, moldy insulation, too. Insulation services available nationwide

Added 8” on insulation to the metal building in Chicago IL.

Increasing insulation in a metal building, in process – Atlanta GA – R-25

Structural Repairs

Engineered Structural Repairs – One of our most common types of repairs
After identifying the problem columns, a common approach is to
cut out he damaged section.

Bellow we see fabrication and weld in replacement section completed with prime and paint.

Steel Column Structural Repair

Awnings and Platforms

Awnings, walkway covers, platforms. Whatever you need – light gauge or heavy steel, give us a call.

Metal Covered Walkway

Metal Roof Ridge Vents

At Metal Guard, we specialize in updating metal roof ridge vents to prevent moisture buildup and extend roof longevity. Trust our expertise for a swift and efficient replacement process.
Metal Roof Skylight


A new skylight panel views from the outside, double sealed to prevent leaks.
Skylights do not leak when properly installed – we provides warranties on our work.

This is the amount of light you should expect from a new skylight.
The diffusing qualities of a quality skylight allows the light to spread out and fill and area. This is shown with a retro insulation project that has been neatly trimmed out.

Metal roof skylight double sealed

Metal Building Renovations

Metal Building Renovations involve the revitalization and transformation of existing metal structures, breathing new life into them through innovative design, enhanced functionality, and improved aesthetics.

Whether repurposing a commercial space, upgrading an industrial facility, or adapting a residential structure, metal building renovations leverage the durability and versatility of metal materials to create modern, sustainable, and adaptable spaces that cater to evolving needs while preserving the core integrity of the original structure.


"Metalguard transformed the look of our metal building."

Mayra Collins

"The Metalguard team is fantastic. As an exemplary contractor, they arrive as scheduled."

Phillip J. Collins

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