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Metalguard has been repairing metal buildings and roofs for over 25 years. Our team is detail oriented and designs custom solutions for each job. We have full insurance coverage and have completed over 1000 projects on metal buildings. Call us today at 713-449-3430 for a custom consultation on your metal building renovation project. Head over to for more details on our full line of metal building renovation services.

For this renovation project, a customer wanted to repurpose an existing metal building. Our team converted an outside uninsulated storage area for internal use.  We framed a metal wall where there was just an open area, and installed metal wall panels. We installed retro R-25 insulation to the underside of the existing roof.  Finally, we framed and installed an 18’ x 23’ overhead door. Our customer was happy with the results, and the increased functionality provided by the metal building renovation.

Before: Metal building used as outside storage area
After: Installed metal wall panels and 18’ x 23’ overhead door
After: Outside storage area converted for internal use

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