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Metal Wall Panel Replacement

Cut and Paste Wall Panel Replacement

Metalguard has been repairing pre-engineered metal buildings and roofs for over 25 years. Our detail oriented team designs custom solutions for each job. Frequently, we are able to complete cut and paste metal wall panel replacements vs. a complete panel replacement to save our customers money. Click here to learn more about our metal wall panel services.

Project Overview

Photos shows the completed metal building wall repair.

For this project, the Metalguard team repaired this metal building. The bottom 7 feet of the metal panels were rusting out and the windows were at end of life. Our team replaced the metal wall panels, replaced the base angle, added insulation, and replaced the windows. Finally, we added a piece of metal trim to define the top and bottom, giving the building a finished sharp look.

After Photos

Metal Building Wall Panel Replacement
After: Our team replaced the bottom 7 feet of metal wall panels.
After photos showing replaced metal panels, windows, and metal trim
R-value improved significantly with new windows and insulation.
Metal Building Renovation with Metal Wall Panels
New trim added a nice contrast and was more cost effective than paining the entire building.

Before Photos

Rusting Metal Building Panels
Before: Metal wall panels rusting out on the bottom.
Old worn out windows that need replacement
Old windows and rusting wall panels.

Wall Panel Replacement

Worker removing metal wall panel
Removal of the old wall panels.
Worker cutting metal wall panel.
A Metalguard team member carefully cuts metal wall panels to the correct height.
Workers installing new metal wall panel
Installation of the new wall panels.
FInished section
Finished section of metal wall panel replacement.

Call us today at 713-449-3430 for a custom consultation on your metal building renovation project. Head over to for more details on our full line of metal building renovation services.

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