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Adding Customer Value

An Experienced Metal Building Contractor

Metalguard has been renovating metal buildings and repairing metal roofs for over 25 years. Our team is detail oriented and designs custom solutions for each job. We have full insurance coverage and have completed over 1000 projects on metal buildings. Call us today at 713-449-3430 for a custom consultation on your metal building renovation project. Head over to for more details on our full line of metal building renovation services.

Metal Building Renovation Project – Custom Engineering

For this renovation project, a customer wanted to convert an existing metal building from single use to a multi-tenant. Metalguard provided a custom engineered solution to facilitate the usage changes. Substantial engineering changes were required to prepare the building for the door installation. Metalguard removed 13 cross braces and engineered and installed a combination of portals and bracing systems. This allowed the overhead doors to be installed.

Metal Building Renovation

This was an extensive renovation project on a 700ft long building. The Metalguard team replaced 1700 linear feet of wall panels, installed 500 linear feet of interior liner panel , repaired various wall penetrations, and changed out all of the exterior trim. 55 man doors were installed, including frames and hardware. For the overhead doors, the engineered solution supported the installation of 52 overhead garage doors.


Customer Value Creation

Overall, the customer was happy with the final result. As you can see from the drone photos, this renovation added tremendous value to the metal building.

After: The building is ready for multi-tenet use
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