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3 Common Commercial Metal Roof Problems

Standing seam metal roofs are quite popular as they last for a long time, look modern, and protect the structure pretty well. For this type of metal roof, aluminum serves as the best base metal material. Aluminum is known for being a greener alternative, its durability, resistance to rust, and its energy-efficient properties. In spite of being so good, aluminum standing seam metal roofs can sustain some damages. With the help of an experienced metal building contractor, you can fix those damages by understanding the causes. In this blog, we will tell you what common problems you can face with standing seam metal roofs. Let’s get started.


Rust and corrosion are common problems with any galvalume or galvanized steel metal roof. Usually, water and water-borne pollutants are the culprits responsible for the problem of corrosion. You can bring down the risk of rust by inspecting the water-resistant paint on metal roofs at fixed intervals. As soon as the coating becomes damaged or worn out, metal roofs become susceptible to corrosion. Also, moisture can makes it’s through the metal if an open edge of the metal is left exposed, which usually happens when metal roofing material is cut during installation.

Worn Out Fasteners

Your standing seam metal roof will stay in its place with the help of fasteners. In most cases, galvanized clips and screws are used to hold the galvalume and galvanized metal roofs in place. Although these clips and screws can hold the metal roof, the problem with them is that they cannot last for a long time as they go down in quality and become corroded as soon as they start coming into contact with moisture. That is why it is advised you should always use top-quality clips and fasteners for properly installing a metal roof.

Scratches And Punctures

Over time, debris from trees and snow can scratch up your standing seam metal roof. If those scratches are left unattended for a long time, it won’t take long for your roof’s durability to go down in quality. As we all know, there is a protective coating on metal roofs. If the coating gets scratched way too much, your metal roof will become jeopardized. Your metal roof will start leaking if punctures get formed. That is why it is recommended that you get your roof inspected at fixed intervals so that you can know in time when to cover it up or replace it.

So, there you have it. These are some of the most common problems that you might face with a metal roof. There can be many other problems as well. Whenever you notice anything strange with your metal roof, get in touch with Metal Guard straightaway. We’re a famous metal roof repair company in Texas. We will properly examine your metal roof, locate the issue, and recommend an appropriate fix for it in no time.

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Why You Need A Metal Building Contractor? If It’s Up, Then It’s Stuck!

Well, Cardi said it, and we heard it! Metal roofing is probably the most sturdy, durable, and energy-efficient out of all the options available in the market. In addition to this, metals are environmentally friendly with good longevity. However, even the best needs maintenance and upkeep. Metal building owners, especially homeowners, often look past the obvious signs that tell them to call for professional repair. This only adds to their costs by furthering the intensity of the damage. And other times, owners try to take the matter into their own hands by turning it into a DIY project. Improper installation and use of cheap-quality materials only answer the issue temporarily. If you spot any problems with your building, know it’s time to call your professional metal building contractor for resolution. Here’s why:


Professional metal building contractors deal with metalwork daily; hence, they are exceptionally good at handling the issue. Their experience makes them better and faster than any DIY enthusiast. Additionally, they will never compromise their work as it’s a matter of their profession without making you endure your days under an unfinished roof.


Since most of the owners aren’t familiar with what goes into fixing a particular metal roof issue correctly, they often end up making blunders and cause collateral damage. Some common problems that may surface include leaks, water damage, and more. Plus, owners don’t have the expertise to anticipate the consequences of their steps. They do not have the knowledge to forecast what can happen if they go wrong. Seeking professional assistance helps one overcome these caveats while ensuring you don’t have to undergo those repairs for the longest time possible.


In continuation with the previous point, these things require certain skills and specific techniques essential for the successful installation of a metal roof. Besides, what you might be familiar with will not necessarily align with the material. Asphalt is another commonly used material for roofing. What works for fixing asphalt roof issues won’t work for metal roofing. Besides, it’s impossible for an owner to have all the right tools necessary for fixing a problem. Professionals have all the right tools along with the knowledge required to resolve an issue correctly.


A professional ensures the complete safety of installation with proper techniques, thereby allowing you just to sit back and enjoy the process. Fixing a metal roof isn’t as easy as a YouTube tutorial or wikiHow make it sound. It requires experience to deal with sudden accidents, such as in case of a fall. Anything can go wrong while fixing a roof.

In all fairness, these were the top four reasons, along with the advantages that come with hiring an expert. Partnering with a professional metal building contractor brings you benefits, just like a stock investment. If you would like to hire experts for your metal roofing project, feel free to go through our website to learn about our services or connect with us directly.