Column, I-beam and Steel Repairs

Metalguard is a metal building and steel repair company.  One of the many metal building renovation and repair services we offer is the repair of columns, I-beams, and steel repairs.  These repairs involve heavier gage metal where a torch or plasma cutter is typically used to cut out damaged sections and new steel of the same thickness and profile is welded in its place.

I Beam rusted out requires replacement

This damage required the repair of this I-beam by replacing it.

Repaired I beam, primed and painted

After the I-beam was welded into place we primed and painted it.

I-beam Repair

The web of the I-beam had a rusted thru hole, as did a smaller part of the flange. We cut out the damaged section, installed plates the the top to connect to the remaining portion of the I-beam, and welded a plated at the base that was secured to the concrete pad.

Damaged I-beam needs repair

Repair damaged I-beam

The I-beam in this photo shows the old steel next to the newly repaired I-beam. The I-beam has been flipped so it will stand on its own and the old plate is in front of it.  We have repaired hundreds of these for customers all over the greater Houston, Texas area.

Damaged I-beam repair

Damaged Overhead Door frame / Upright C-Channel

This section of the overhead door was damaged, including the wall panel, the trim, and the C-channel upright. We repaired the overhead door frame.  The bollard was also damaged.

Damaged overhead door upright

After: Repair of a damaged overhead door frame, panel, and trim.

We cut out the damaged panel and trim sections and replaced them. Cut out the frame and welded new steel in place with a new base plate.  This is a common problem and we have repaired hundreds of these. We also cut out the cement pad, replaced the cement, and we replaced the bollard.

Damaged I-beams repair in a metal building. Welding and fabricating steel I -Beams for tilt up wall repair. Repairing damaged I beams. Due to a tropical storm a warehouse roof collapsed due to the weight of the water.  Fortunately, it landed on a stack of materials.


The first step we took was to shore the I-beam to prevent further damage and to be able to clear the area.


After the materials were cleared what we found was that the tilt up wall had bowed out during the event.  The first action required was to install stiff-backs to draw the wall back to be in plane.


At completion the wall had been straightened and the I-beam supported with a channel to support the I-beam.


We repair this type of damage

Metal Roof Repair Contractors

Welded Column Repair


This is a before picture showing the damaged column


A picture with the shoring attached.


A picture where the damaged and rusted out section has been removed


A close-up picture with the bad section removed


A picture with all new steel installed


The completed repair is primed