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Repairing a Column in a Metal Building in Angleton TX

Overview – Location: Angleton TX.  When the new owner purchased this building, they were very aware that repairs were necessary.

A thorough inspection was performed.

Repair plans, including quotes were presented.

The columns and rafters were inspected

The secondary framing was inspected. Girts/purlins

A list of the required repairs was prepared, priorities were set.


A structural engineer started working on the necessary structural repair plans for the columns.


First project: repair the damaged columns.  First step: Inspect the columns, identity damage, create engineered repair plan, and then execute.  Pictures and descriptions below.


The picture on the right shows the column design.  Dual column, one of the columns is tapered.

Above a tapered column with damage. 

The connecting brackets and the X-Bracing needs to be accommodated.

For this project, an engineering firm was engaged.  The engineers inspected each column, 48 areas that had 84 posts total (two posts along the sides).

Below are two sections of the plans, an outline of the building and detailed repairs.

Based on the inspection and results the specific columns requiring repairs were identified and repair details were designed for the columns.

After the engineering was completed, the project began.  At the start of everyday a job safety analysis is performed, and a safety plan is finalized.  All participants must sign off on the plan and agree to follow the procedures.

Job Safety Analysts – prepared daily – these are copied from our construction management program.

This work can be performed safely with very low risk, provided it is properly managed by experienced skilled professionals. 

Project Management System – BuilderTrend

These safety documents are reviewed, updated, signed off, and uploaded every day into our project management system.  The documents, notes and pictures are available to building owners for viewing.  This can also be used to ask questions or make requests.

Normally on a repair of this type, the details call for plates to be welded over the seams.  Because of the horizontal bracing this was not necessary.

Cleaning the Columns – If the columns are dirty or have heavy corrosion the columns are cleaned.  Typically, pressure wash first, then we use Needlers to find any hidden defect or to prepare for working with the steel.  Needlers and guns that have many pieces of needle shaped steel that reciprocating, they are powered using an air compressor.

Shoring and Removing

The columns are shored, then the damaged sections can be removed.

The shoring system was designed and approved by the engineering firm.

Cutting out the damaged section.

Shoring platform without before the jack.

For the repair a few columns had holes where a plate could be welded to restore the column due to a hole.  The Row A and number 4 correspond to the engineered repair plan.

In other situations, the column had to be cutout, removed, and replaced.

Tapered columns are fabricated on site.
Above – Replacement column section fabricated

Hole for anchor bolts

Above – New section inserted, holes prepared for bolts. 

Replacement section welded.  Cross/X bracing installed also.

For some of the columns, new anchor bolts were able to be installed.

In some situations, forms were installed high strength concrete grout was installed.

This shows a picture at completion.  Columns repaired.  The base of all columns primed and painted.

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