Metal Guard

Metal Building Emergency Storm Repairs

Customer Support in Action!
We received an urgent call from a customer whose building had been severely damaged by a recent storm. The wind blew in the overhead door in the front and took out the wall panels, wall girts, and back posts, leaving the back wall completely blown out.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the Metalguard team swiftly conducted a site visit and prepared a comprehensive repair quote. The customer approved the work, and we immediately ordered the necessary materials. Thanks to our efficient supply chain, the materials were delivered withing the week. 

Understanding the importance of securing the building, especially over a holiday weekend, we assembled an emergency crew to tackle the repairs. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly throughout Memorial Day weekend and successfully completed the repairs by midday on Memorial Day.
We’re incredibly proud of our team’s quick response! Check out the photos of the repair process below!

Metalguard Storm Repair for a damaged metal building.
The storm completely blew out the back wall including the wall panels, wall girts and support posts.
Metalguard Replacing horizontal support beams
Our team replaced the support posts.
Metalguard - Wall Panel Replacement Installation
New metal wall panels are secured.
Metalguard - Overhead door damaged in a storm
Wind damage to the overhead door
Metalguard - Team Members Measure and cut building insulation for a repair
Team members cut insulation uto size and height
Metalguard wall panel repair with trim installed
Downspout and rake trim installation.
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