Metal Guard

Installation process and method

Insulation Process and method – patch repair

This picture shows the insulation before it was pulled to try and make it neat and to help get the wrinkles out – this is not the finished project it is just to show that without extra effort it doesn’t look as nice.  They are also in the process of renovating their building.  They are adding A/C and want to increase R value.

Patch repair: Before - Showing damage. Sometimes all that is required is spot patching. At this Grainger Ind. Supply facility in Forest Park IL that did the job. We removed and replaced the run from column to column.
the old insulation was cut out and new insulation was. Installed. Straps were installed 2’ on center.
before: There was a large rip plus water damage.
after: Old insulation removed , new added. The new insulation is a bright white, but otherwise blends in.
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