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You Might Have To Replace Your Commercial Metal Roof If It’s Showing These Signs

There is no doubt about the fact that metal roofing is one of the best commercial roofing options in the market. It is known for its durability and insulation properties. However, it would be wrong to assume that your commercial metal roof won’t need replacement. Albeit late but your metal roof will need to be replaced at some point. You can surely extend its life by making sure it is installed properly in the first place and by following its maintenance requirements. Below, we have listed some common signs that indicate your metal roof has served its time.


Signs of rust tell a lot about the condition of a metal roof. Firstly, it is a clear indication of tarnish. Secondly, it shows that the protective coating of your roof has worn off. As soon as the coating or finish gets deteriorated, water and moisture will start to come in contact with the metal, which needless to say, causes rust eventually. It is essential to get your roof inspected at fixed intervals so that signs of rust are noticed well before leakage starts to happen. Many commercial building owners get to know about rust only when their roof starts to leak. When getting your roof inspected, make sure areas such as ridge caps, flashings, skylights, seams, fasteners, vents are especially examined.


It does not matter whether your metal roof is leaking a little or a lot, we will advise you to contact metal roof experts straightaway. It is true that most leaks are caused by rust, but there are many other possible causes of metal roof leaks. For example, warped or loose panels can easily allow water to penetrate through new openings. It is essential to understand that at first, water leakage might not look like a serious problem. But if ignored for long, it can cause damage to building materials, electrical systems, and create conditions for mold to grow.

Loose Panels

We have already mentioned above that one of the causes of water leakage in metal roofs is loose panels. Your facility can get damaged due to loose panels caused by high winds, storms, and warping. You might not know this but thieves, who usually enter facilities through windows and doors, can also make their way inside your facility through loose panels. Not just thieves, rodents, and other animals can enter your facility through loose panels. Birds can form nests in the ceiling or the wall of your facility, which can pose safety and health hazards.

Even the most properly installed and well-maintained metal roofs are given in extreme weather conditions and age. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your commercial metal roof, get in touch with Metal Guard immediately. We will properly inspect your metal roof to ascertain whether it needs to be repaired or replaced completely. For professional commercial metal roof repair or replacement, look no further than MetalGuard.

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