Metal Guard

Safety Program

Note: We follow the safety requirements of our customer facilities. And, Yes, we work at Chemical plants. We are members of the Houston Area Safety Council, and DISA Global Solutions, Inc., our staff has completed background tests and undergone drug testing. We also have the extensive insurances required by the oil and gas industry. Some of this sites pictures predate some of our current policies. Some of the sites we work at includes oil and gas refineries, natural gas processors, and hazardous chemical processors. Our safety programs have been approved by ISNetworld (400-247514) and Avetta.

 Overview – Safety is critical to us at Metalguard. We know that some purchasers will pull their business if you have a poor safety record. If your organization requires a safety compliant contractor that carries the required insurance coverage’s and liability limits, please give us a call. We understand it is difficult to add vendors at some sites because of safety requirements. We have experience in successfully navigating, completing, and executing the required safety procedures. It could be that the safety management program your company is required to follow has previously approved us. If not, we are happy to go through the qualification process. Like most quality contractors, most of our business comes from repeat customers. 

Metalguard’s safety philosophy is based on using OHSA standards as the starting point. Our involvement with petroleum centered facilities requires that we put safety first. The safety of our customers, our employees, and the facilities we serve is our top priority in determining how to accomplish our objectives. Our safety goal on every project is to ensure the safety of each and every person and to protect property. 

Each project manager reviews the safety plan each employee, subcontractor, and customer representative at the beginning of each job. Our ongoing day to day project management ensures that our safety policies and procedures are being followed. 

Metalguard’s goal for every job is no recordable injuries, and no damage to any property or equipment. 

To ensure that every member of our team stays aware of our safety policies Daily job safety analysis are conducted, and weekly “tail gate talks” are held. These talks reinforce our daily safety activities, introduce new topics, and review and concerns by members of the project team. 

We recently finalized our fitness to work safety program. Fitness to work is an in-depth program that not only includes drug testing but also the ability to identify health risks.

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