Metal Guard

METALGUARD has been renovating commercial and industrial, pre-engineered metal and steel buildings since 1996.

With over 20 years of experience behind us, we focus on safety, quality and fair pricing. Our projects range from industrial roof repairs to complex renovations of large facilities involving a change of use or a reconfiguration of the facility. Our customers range from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies. In fact, we currently have a 3 year maintenance contract with one of the 5 largest companies in the world.

Please give us a call, 713-449-3430. We provide complimentary estimates, and are always ready to help establish a budget number for your steel roof or building. Providing metal roofing since 1996.

Pictures show the completion of the first phase; the shoring phase of the project. We installed a temporary structure to support the building while we start on the repairs. The structure is supported in place by a combination of welding and bolting I beam, steel plates and braces. We worked with an engineer to verify the strength and integrity of the structure.

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