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Is your metal building a mess? Even durable metal buildings can require extensive repairs over time

When your metal building develops problems, Metalguard is your one-call solution. We handle every aspect of metal building repair, and provide services for roofs, walls, insulation, and more. As Houston's metal building specialists, you can count on us to achieve outstanding results in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Metal Building

Metalguard has been repairing pre-engineered metal buildings for over 25 years. We offer wall repairs and replacements as well as roof repairs and replacements.

Our detail-oriented team designs custom solutions for every job! Frequently, we're able to complete cut and paste metal wall panel replacements, which saves you money and avoids full panel replacement.

Walls, roofs, insulation…we handle your building from end to end.

Metal Building Renovations

Need to repurpose your metal building?

Add new roofing, liner panels, interior walls, doors, and industrial floor coating to renovate your metal building into anything you can imagine.

We can even repair, cut, and weld steel columns and I-beams, replace wall girts, replace roof purlins, and more.

Save 66% over the cost of new construction!

Insulation Repairs
and Replacements

Keep your metal building cool with our insulation repairs, which not only help you replace old, dirty insulation but help you increase the R-value of your building, as well. We have two methods for repairing or replacing damaged pre-engineered metal or steel building insulation.

The first is to remove the panels, remove the old insulation, and replace it with new insulation. When the old panels are removed, new larger fasteners are used to put it back together. If the insulation has aged like this, the roof would benefit from new fasteners.

The second method is to retro install insulation from the inside. We choose the right solution for your building to ensure that you get best results.

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