Metal Guard

Additions, Awnings & New Construction

Metal Building Awnings

Awning for a metal building installed by Metalguard
in Houston, TX.

Awnings and Car Ports

Awnings, canopies, and carports are a great way to shade your building and protect vehicles.
What does everyone in Houston search for when looking for a parking spot? Shade, a metal building awning, provides a nice relief from the sun.

Here are the pictures showcasing the building before the awning installation, followed by the framing and the panels. Part of the process was also to replace the old wall panels. The Houston climate causes us to perform many repairs to the base of wall panels due to rusting.

Car port/covered production area added to building

Revitalizing a Metal Wall

The pictures showcase the original metal wall with an aggregate overlay rusting and cracking at the bottom. The original wall coating was field applied; first, a wire support mesh was fastened to the metal wall, then an aggregate material was installed. We removed the old material and the old metal panels and installed new wall panels with a factory-sprayed aggregate finish. This was a HUGE saving over using the original system.

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