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How to keep your Metal Building Roof Gutters Clear

One challenge for metal building owners is keeping your gutters clear. You may be wondering “How do I keep my metal roof gutters clear?” and “Who can help keep my metal gutters clear of leaves?”. Metalguard can help keep your gutters clear by installing metal gutter guards! We have installed metal building roof gutter guards for numerous clients to keep leaves out of their gutters, and water from pooling on their metal roofs.

A metal gutter guard, installed by Metalguard on the roof of a metal building.  This prevents the downspouts from clogging and prolongs the life of the metal roof.
A metal gutter guard, installed by Metalguard on the roof of a metal building. This prevents the downspouts from clogging and prolongs the life of the metal roof.

Metalguard can retrofit gutter guards as a part of your metal roof repair or install them on new metal building construction. These gutter guards prevent leaves from clogging the gutters on a metal roof and keep your downspouts clear.

Metalguard has been repairing metal buildings for over 25 years. The team is detail oriented and designs custom solutions based on the needs of each customer. We have completed over 1000 projects which includes almost every type of metal building repair. We offer quality repairs, professionally managed, with great communication. As a result, our clients continue to choose Metalguard for all of their metal building needs.

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Metal Roof Repairs and Maintenance

As an experienced metal building contractor, Metalguard can diagnose your metal roof issues and develop the best solution for you. We can replace or repair only what is necessary. Not all metal roofs require a complete replacement. Therefore, sometimes the most effective solution for our clients includes a partial metal roof replacement, and repairs on the rest of the existing metal roof. This extends the life of the metal building and provides the best value for client.

Metal Building Repairs

These photos show a current Metalguard project that involves replacing part of the metal roof. This metal roof was leaking, so to fix the issue, we sealed the lower metal roof and upper metal roof. First, because of a previous coating, we installed a larger amount of new material to cover the old material.  Then, on the rest of the existing metal roof panels our team sealed the fasteners. The photos show the repaired metal roof. The light colored areas are new metal roof panels, and the white dots are sealed fasteners. Replacing where necessary, and repairing the rest of the roof represented the best value for the client.

We recommend fixing broken metal roof panels and performing maintenance as needed to extend the life of your metal building. Fixing the broken sections of the metal roof and performing maintenance on the rest, results in extended life for metal buildings.

This image shows a closer view of the metal roof that was repaired, the white dots on this metal roof are sealed fasteners.

Metal Building Roof Inspection Process

Metal roof repairs include thorough inspections. The Metalguard team got down on their hands and knees to find this leak in the metal roof. One issue we found was a crack on the top of a high metal rib.  The rust around the two slits, indicates the metal roof panel damage occurred some time ago.  The top of the metal high rib is a small area 1” wide, consistent with expectations for a small leak. Our team caulked the crack in the metal roof to restore the metal roof panel integrity.

Metal roof inspection discovered this crack in the metal roof. Our team caulked the crack.

Metal Roof Repairs

Our metal roof inspections revealed one more cracked panel in the same area. This cracked metal panel is at the ridge cap and in the middle you can also see a very small crack.  For a roof this large a small problem like this can be hard to find without the help of our team, or a heavy rain.

Cracked metal roof panel prior to repair.

Check out the metal building repair services our team can offer you.

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Metal Building Repairs

Metalguard offers a complete line of metal building repair services. Our team has helped customers rehabilitate their metal buildings for over 25 years. Our experience allows us to design custom solutions for our clients and extend the life of their existing assets.

This metal building renovation took place in Texas City, TX. During the project our team replaced 7 steel roof purlins, 3 eave struts and 4 steel wall girts. All metal roof panels were replaced and we installed trim. New insulation was added to improve the cooling performance of the metal building. To facilitate repairs, the team had to safety remove the roof stacks. Our customer was extremely satisficed with the repairs and the long term value added to their metal building.

After: A total transformation with new metal wall panels, metal roof panels, trim, and roof stacks.
Smokestacks were removed to facilitate repairs of this metal building.

Check out the metal building repair services our team can offer you.

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Metal Building Insulation Replacement

Insulation is an often overlooked area in metal buildings. Repairing or replacing insulation is a critical part of keeping your building cool.

On this project our team replaced old brittle insulation with an R-value of R9.5. The replacement insulation has an R-value of R31, a 226% increase in cooling efficiency! Metalguard has extensive experience repairing and replacing insulation for metal buildings. See how we can help at

After: New insulation with R-value 31
Before: Metal building with worn out brittle insulation with R-value 9.5

Check out the insulation services our team can offer you for your metal building.

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Is Your Metal Building Energy Compliant?: Tips From Expert Metal Building Insulation Suppliers

With the energy-efficient building market to develop at an 8.17% CAGR (by 2027), the concept of green in construction and architecture has claimed its space for good within the economy. Metal structures are a popular choice among architects and construction engineers due to their design flexibility, high value-to-cost while being cost-effective for practical and aesthetic purposes. With the site and labor costs rising each day, metal offers a more affordable solution for meeting large site requirements such as warehouse needs, contemporary-styled performing arts center, or even a traditional-style church. However, the impeccable conduction power of metal makes it difficult to keep the heat out. This makes the occupants and sensitive components stored within the building vulnerable to extreme temperature shocks or other types of damage.

This further makes building insulation more difficult while leading to higher energy consumption to maintain a comfortable environment. With governments worldwide putting an increased emphasis on zero-energy buildings, the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) outlines a set of energy codes for all metal buildings. Here’s what you need to know:

Checking Compliance With The Energy Codes

The IECC sets ground rules and standards for states while outlining guidelines for building design, materials, and performance related to the energy efficiency of buildings and structures.  

The code covers every aspect of the building, including walls, windows, doors, panels, insulation, HVAC system, power and lighting, ventilation, and even air leakage.

Depending upon your regional zone ( location-wise segregation from 0 to 8 with eight being the coldest) and type of building, your energy requirements must be fulfilled.

Pro tip from our metal building insulation suppliers: Run an energy audit with the help of an expert to correctly estimate what’s costing you per month.

The standard formula for estimating energy compliance is the R/U ratio. R refers to the resistance of a material to let heat pass through it, and U refers to the amount of heat or cold passing through a system. The higher the R/U value, the better the energy standards.

Additionally, professional metal building insulation suppliers also use continuous insulation (ci) and linear systems (ls) on the exterior and interior of a metal building for adequate insulation.

With that being said, here are a few ways to make your metal building more sustainable and energy compliant:

  • Install a cool roof to decrease the burden on your AC system.
  • Plug air leaks to prevent the mixing of outer air with your inner environment.
  • Invest in renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind turbines, and geothermal heating systems to reduce your dependency on electricity.
  • Incorporate rainwater harvesting tanks and switch to tankless water heaters.
  • Go for the highest R-value insulation to maximize energy savings and maintain a comfortable inner environment.

The points mentioned above are more of a generalized solution for energy compliance. Depending upon your building structure, location, and usage, a professional building contractor can provide more accurate suggestions as per the level of insulation needed by your building structure and combinations that will be more effective. Besides, it’s always cheaper to move under the proper guidance than to circle back and re-do them.

For expert assistance, reach out to us at +713-449-3430 or browse our website.